Monday, September 8, 2014

Local Market? 예 하세요 ye haseyo (Yes, Please)

Fresh baby octopus. Lots of vendors had these in tubs of water along with various forms of seafood - eel, crabs, fish. This was just about the coolest thing!
I had the best time at the local market this past week. It was a few minutes walk off base, so I had to find it first. Those of you know me with my nickname of "Magellan" know this is no small feat. Once I found the Korean ladies with the baskets on wheels I knew I was set!

This stand was full of all sorts of dried fish.
When I got there, I was in awe. It was rows of people & all sorts of merchandise: homemade kimchi, seafood -  fresh, really fresh-alive, cooked, - tons of veggies, street food - sweet & savory, - clothes, and I whole bunch of stuff I literally had no idea! 

Fresh veggies...
and more fresh veggies

I have no idea what these were. Seaweed?

I can't wait to go back & do more exploring. I went with a cross shoulder bag to bring back my haul - which was a plate of street food & a baggie of garlic. Exciting, I know! I'm planning on taking the family next time so we can all explore. I love seeing things through the boys eyes. Sometimes I am so busy looking for things that I miss out on others. I took all of these photos with the iPhone so the big one is coming next time!

Yep, it's a cow head, sitting on a table. My other photo I was excited about! I am definitely the mom of boys. 

Kimchi galore
Funky mushrooms

Street food

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